Position title
Cooperative Training

Thank you for your interest in joining CAIS.

We have internships targeting Saudis who are Bachelor students from local or international universities, which enables them– in the pre-graduation stage – to find an opportunity to deal with real work build skills, and get a feel for life at one of the consulting and actuarial companies.

Saudi student.

Not be a graduate, and umst meet the requirements of the training program

2.5/4, or 3/5.

Commitment to the specified training period and official working days and times

Pass the Interview.

Job Benefits
  • Get Certified.
  • Working on real practical projects and contributing to achieving the company's goals
  • An opportunity to train and work alongside a team of professional experts. and integrate their academic learning and theoretical knowledge learned in the classrooms and laboratories with some real work experience in CAIS.
  • Progress report during their COOP period about the experience and knowledge they gained in CAIS.
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